• Image of Handwoven Palm Bergère Hat
  • Image of Handwoven Palm Bergère Hat
  • Image of Handwoven Palm Bergère Hat

From summer weddings to afternoon garden parties, make a statement in this flat-brimmed beauty that features a low crown and handmade details. Similar to those that were popular in 18th century France, these elegant chapeaus are a fabulous compliment to a range of attire. They’re meant to be worn tilted on the head, and can simply pinned in place, or a ribbon can be added which ties under the chin. Add in some fancy feathers and you’re off to the races.

The practice of biophilia in design honours the importance of the connection between humans and nature, and the healing effects that it has on our lives. This effort to bring the outside in not only encourages an atmosphere of calm and well being, but also offers the opportunity to live sustainably through carefully selected investment pieces.

This family of five master artisan weavers have taken great care to eschew the growing trend of weaving with plastic – an evolution that has become all to common in Mexico. They continue to produce stunning pieces from natural materials, taking into consideration aspects like changing climate and temperatures, which both affect their process. Three generations work together on projects in their home workshop.

Approximately 14cm wide brim and 5cm high. That hat can be tilted and pinned into the hair to keep in in place, or a ribbon can be added to tie around the chin. As these rustic hats are made by hand, the size varies and they are flexible.

Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Do not use harsh cleaners or bleach. Avoid getting this piece wet for risk of damaging the material. If this does occur, set the piece in a cool, dry locale and reshape if necessary prior to.

The noted price is for a single handwoven palm bergère hat. All noted prices are in USD and do not include shipping.

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