• Image of Agave Round Dry Body Brush
  • Image of Agave Round Dry Body Brush

Brighten your skin with this soft-bristled dry brush that can be used before shower or bath. Move the piece across the body in a light, circular motion in order to tighten pores and slough dead skin. Dry brushing is an essential component of self-care, as it’s said to rid the body of toxins, exfoliate skin, promote circulation and lymphatic drainage and increase energy. These brushes are comprised of treated pine and traditionally processed agave bristles.

These brushes are handmade by a democratic cooperative of indigenous artisans in Central Mexico. This innovative group have expanded their offerings of handmade pine and agave brushes to include pieces for use at home, beauty, industrial and pets. They employ traditional processes that have been in place since pre-Hispanic times.

Approximately 10cm wide x 7.5cm high, including bristles

These brushes are only to be used dry, as soap and water will damage the bristles and the finishes. When the brushes are wet, do not leave them in the sun, for risk of cracking.

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