• Image of Flora Pit Fired Clay Taper Holder
  • Image of Flora Pit Fired Clay Taper Holder
  • Image of Flora Pit Fired Clay Taper Holder
  • Image of Flora Pit Fired Clay Taper Holder

Earthy elegance is embodied in this custom taper candle holder that showcases ancestral artistry with nature-inspired components. Every element of these intricate works is made and applied by hand, and there’s tiny contrasting details that feature mineral-based washes in white and burnt orange. These elegant holders are pit fired using traditional processes, and help to provide a positive stream of income to a family of master artists. Place them on your dinner table, on a shelf or in a small nicho that houses your most prized works. We also offer these pieces with plain, unpainted elements, as featured here in the image.

This talented family of women collaborate on custom orders in their home workshop in Southern Mexico. They’re one of the first families to introduce and expand pastillaje work in pottery making in their pueblo, and they collaborate together as a multi-generational household, so that their valuable knowledge is passed down.

Approximately 21cm high x 18cm wide

For best care results, these wreaths should simply be dusted with a dry cloth when needed.

The noted price is for a single pit fired clay taper candleholder. Given the nature of handmade, the sizes, patterns, finishes and hues will vary from the featured product image. As this piece is made from unglazed clay, it will naturally filter water, and stain if greasy items are placed on the surface. Also, given the process, these pieces may feature spots, cracks, scratches and darker areas, and the top holder piece also varies in size. These are normal elements for this type of pottery – they’re not flaws. The designs of these vary, so please ask us for photos of our currently available pieces.

All noted prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Our website is not currently set up for e-commerce – please contact us directly to purchase: [email protected]

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