• Image of Handwoven Palm Capisallo
  • Image of Handwoven Palm Capisallo
  • Image of Handwoven Palm Capisallo
  • Image of Handwoven Palm Capisallo

Thousands of years ago, up until recently, palm leaves were woven into garments to protect against a range of weather conditions. These pieces are generally tied over the shoulders and fall to the ankles, in order to cover the full body. While they were originally created as rain capes, they also double as beautiful wall hangings. Typically, these pieces feature a hand-rolled palm string across the top for tying, but as these dry out and become fragile quickly, we have opted for a more durable henequen rope that’s made in the Yucatan.

Comprised of sustainably-harvested Mexican palm, we have three custom sizes available. These intriguing examples of Mexican history are a stunning organic decorative piece when hung above a bed, in a living room, or even as a smaller accent piece in an office space.

Palm weaving is a form of artistry that dates back centuries in various states of Mexico. We partner with a family of talented young female artists to produce these custom capes for our stock. The sizing does vary from piece to piece – they are not exact sizes. That said, we have these pieces available in roughly the sizes below. If you’d like more specifics, contact us directly.

Large: Approximately 150cm wide x 150cm long
Medium: Approximately 75cm wide x 100cm long
Small: Approximately 60cm wide x 90cm long

Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Store in a dry location and roll the piece horizontally instead of folding it against the material, in order to prevent breakage. If this piece is hung inside, away from harsh elements like extreme sun and rain, it will last for years, with proper care.

The noted price is for a single capisallo in one of the approximate sizes noted in the drop down menu below. Prices vary per size.

All noted prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Our website is not currently set up for e-commerce – please contact us directly to purchase: [email protected]