• Image of Pescado Barro Rojo Clay Exfoliator
  • Image of Pescado Barro Rojo Clay Exfoliator
  • Image of Pescado Barro Rojo Clay Exfoliator

Smooth out the after effects of flip flop season with this hand built charmer who is created from local earth that is mixed with sand. These rustic works support a texture that helps to smooth rough feet, and are custom made to fit in the palm of your hand. Every piece is made by expert hands, pit fired, and finished with a handmade agave string for hanging in the shower. You can also use with lemon juice to rid your hands of scents of garlic and onions.

Both utilitarian and traditional art piece, barro rojo pottery can be found in a variety of areas – from outdoor food vendors to elegant restaurant tables. These particular pieces are made custom for our collection by a master artist, who learned these incredible creative skills from both her mother and grandmother. The pieces are shaped on a simple wheel and also by hand. Texture and polish are added through the use of corn husks, oil cloth, stones and coconut shells, and the pottery is pit fired for roughly one hour to arrive at the ideal hue.

Approximately 12cm long x 6cm wide

While these pieces are unglazed, given the nature of the pottery, it is best to hand wash these works and do not put them in the dishwasher or the microwave.

Use of knives or other sharp pieces will scratch the surface of this pottery. In the interest of keeping them relatively lightweight, they are hollow and therefore rather fragile.

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