• Image of Hojalata Protective Hand
  • Image of Hojalata Protective Hand
  • Image of Hojalata Protective Hand
  • Image of Hojalata Protective Hand
  • Image of Hojalata Protective Hand

Employed by the Aztecs as a form of currency, mined and exported by the English, and surging in popularity in the 1930s via the collections of artists and intellectuals, tin has been an important part of the Mexican economy for centuries. Known locally as hojalata, tin work is primarily done in Guanajuato, Jalisco and Oaxaca.

Our designs are individually hammered, with the hand form serving as a protective charm to bring good luck, fortune, and to repel negative energy and harm. The popularity of the hand symbol is also traced back to a 1939 trip to Paris where Frida Kahlo was gifted a set of hand earrings by Pablo Picasso. Every one of our pieces features a mirror to reflect the light, and are painted copper on both sides. They can be hung from a tree, on a wall, or even attached together to form a totem. We have three styles available – all feature top hanging loops. Please see the drop down below for pricing and details.

This family of tin workers collaborate in their family workshop as two generations. Both skilled and experienced, this talented group create these custom hands for our shop, as well as a range of other pieces, including boxes, mirrors, earrings, napkin holders and large, layered pieces that are incredible examples of the profound creativity that abounds in Mexico. We collaborate with these artisans directly, and they name their own pricing and are able to work at their own pace from home.

Sunbeam design: approximately 15cm long x 7cm wide, plus hanging loop
Sun and heart design: approximately 13½ cm long x 10cm wide, plus hanging loop
Star and heart design: approximately 13cm long x 9cm wide, plus hanging loop

These pieces should be stored in a dry location, to prevent rust. If they’re being stored together, they should be wrapped in paper, in order to keep the paint from scratching. To remove dust, they can simply be wiped with a dry cloth.

The noted price is for a single hand in one of three designs, as noted above and below. If you have doubts about the name of the design, please contact us directly. Given the nature of handmade, the sizes, patterns, finishes and hues may vary slightly from the featured product image.

All noted prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Our website is not currently set up for e-commerce – please contact us directly to purchase: [email protected]

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