• Image of Fiesta Tin Piñata
  • Image of Fiesta Tin Piñata
  • Image of Fiesta Tin Piñata
  • Image of Fiesta Tin Piñata

Known locally as hojalata, tin work is primarily done in the states of Guanajuato, Jalisco and Oaxaca. While piñatas were introduced by Spanish missionaries for religious purposes, they’re now a ubiquitous part of local culture. Here in Mexico, piñatas are widely created from paper maché for birthday parties and the Christmas season. Our custom works are reusable as they’re made from tin. Every detail is cut and hammered by hand by master artisans, with an individual piece taking four full days to produce. These lovely works feature a center opening for holding candy and gifts, tin tassels and a top hanging loop – all in a lovely tone of matte copper.

This family collaborates in their home workshop in Oaxaca as two generations. Both skilled and experienced, they create these custom piñatas and our helping hands for our collection, as well as a range of other pieces including boxes, mirrors and massive, layered pieces that are incredible examples of the profound creativity that abounds in Mexico. Our collaborations are direct and they name their own prices and timelines.

Approximately 22 x 22cm, plus tassels and top hanging loop

These pieces should be stored in a dry location to prevent rust, although they do feature a protective lacquer. We’d also recommend that they’re wrapped in paper, to keep the paint from scratching. To remove dust, simply wipe with a dry cloth.

The noted price is for a single tin piñata in matte copper. Given the nature of handmade, the sizes, patterns, finishes and hues may vary slightly from the featured product image. We can also arrange for special custom tones, with set minimums.

All noted prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Our website is not currently set up for e-commerce – please contact us directly to purchase: [email protected]

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