• Image of Handmade Barro Pie Plate
  • Image of Handmade Barro Pie Plate
  • Image of Handmade Barro Pie Plate
  • Image of Handmade Barro Pie Plate

These pit fired, smoky beauties are individually made by hand from local clay by a master artisan in Southern Mexico. Every piece features a clean edge, lead-free glaze on the interior, as well as varying patterns from a smoking process that involves organic plants. Every handmade work is one-of-a-kind and work well for arranging cheese plates, eating a pasta meal, or baking a pie as a gift for a friend, as they’re oven safe.

This talented artisan collaborates with her son in their home workshop. They make these pieces by hand and pit fire them on site. In addition to our quiche and pie plates, she also makes our blessings beads and our mermaids. Due to the nature of the materials and the processes, these pieces are porous and will filter water. Additionally, if greasy items like butter or oil are placed into the pieces, the surface will stain. This isn’t a flaw, but is simply a reality with this type of pottery.

Approximately 25cm wide x 4cm tall

For best care results, they should be washed and dried by hand – no dishwasher.

The noted price is for a single pie plate. Given the nature of handmade, sizes, patterns, finishes and hues will vary from the featured product image. You can contact us directly for images of the pieces that we currently have available.

All noted prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Our website is not currently set up for e-commerce – please contact us directly to purchase: ehren.seeland@gmail.com