• Image of Escobeta Handmade Root Brush
  • Image of Escobeta Handmade Root Brush

These traditional brushes are used to clean root vegetables, mortar and pestle sets, pots, counters and other surfaces that require deep scrubbing. Every piece is made by hand with wire and the roots of a grass known as zacaton – a species that possess tough, wiry stems and grows in abundance in Mexico and beyond. In addition to being biodegradable, these practical tools won’t melt on hot surfaces like their plastic counterparts.

These pieces have been handmade and used in Mexico for generations, and are sold in kitchen stores and markets throughout the country.

Approximately 9cm long

These durable pieces can be used dry or with soap and water. Simply stand them up on the side of the sink to dry, and store in a dry location.

Given the handmade process, these pieces vary slightly in size, shape and hue. As they’re made from grass roots, there may naturally be some breakage of the bristles during use, however, these can simply be washed away in the sink, as the bristles are completely organic.

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