• Image of Trenza Pit Fired Clay Drinking Vessel
  • Image of Trenza Pit Fired Clay Drinking Vessel
  • Image of Trenza Pit Fired Clay Drinking Vessel
  • Image of Trenza Pit Fired Clay Drinking Vessel

Individually created by hand with unglazed Mexican clay, these whimsical pottery cups can play triple duty as a drinking vessel, vase or a sweet home for a cactus. Highlights include dreamy features and a detailed braided crown, which is central to the traditional dress in many regions of Mexico, including Oaxaca, where these are made. Every piece is signed by the artists – a talented family who collaborate together in their home workshop as three generations.

While the town where these artisans are from is famous for their embroidered textiles, theirs is the only family who work locally with clay. The parents in this family have been married for over 35 years. In this time, they raised three children, who are now adults and work with them in studio. When their children were still small, Don José lost his vision to glaucoma. Despite this devastating loss, the family persevered, and soon found a new rhythm in their process, which they employ to this day. With a combination of memories, creative vision and patience, this incredible family have developed a way for the hands to see as well as the eyes.

Approximately 8cm wide x 13 cm tall

Hand wash, and do not place in the dish washer or microwave. These pieces are food and oven safe, however care should be taken to not place anything greasy on the surface, as oil and butter will stain the pieces. These are natural, unglazed clay, and with this, these pieces are porous and will sweat when holding liquid for long periods.
Also, if being used as a drinking vessel, it's likely that the contents will take on the flavour of the clay. This is normal, given the material.

The price is for a single barro drinking vessel. Given the nature of handmade, sizes, markings, designs and hues may vary slightly from the featured product image.
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