• Image of Something Blue Handwoven Indigo Cotton Wedding Huipil
  • Image of Something Blue Handwoven Indigo Cotton Wedding Huipil
  • Image of Something Blue Handwoven Indigo Cotton Wedding Huipil
  • Image of Something Blue Handwoven Indigo Cotton Wedding Huipil
  • Image of Something Blue Handwoven Indigo Cotton Wedding Huipil

Once-in-a-lifetime events calls for exquisite, museum-quality textiles. This collector’s piece includes a base of indigo dyed fine cotton, with highlights of handspun organic coyuchi cotton – all expertly woven by hand on a traditional backstrap loom by our master artisan partner in Southern Mexico. 

Set to be a delicate good luck charm for your nuptials, our Something Blue custom wedding dress features two hand stitched panels, along with a design of handwoven stars. They symbolize the perfect meditative state of balance, and are included as a means of calming energy. The handwoven details on the shoulders is a traditional design that refers to the paths of life. 
In investing in this versatile beauty, one is able to simultaneously pay homage to a cultural tradition that is both eco-friendly and based in fair pay for female artisans who weave in this region, just as their ancestors did before them. This incredible huipil can be worn again for various occasions, and also be passed down to future generations.

Our master weaving artisan partner works with cotton on a traditional backstrap loom. This region of Southern Mexico produces the increasingly rare coyuchi cotton, which is an organic cotton that grows in natural hues of camel, green and white. The cotton is harvested by hand and spun on a wooden drop spindle, which is known locally as a malacate. The artisans in this community also work with natural dyes from tree bark, plants and other elements from nature. When investing in their handmade works, you are able to support a community that is still reeling from the recent earthquakes. Due to their remote location, these incredibly talented women often have to travel to source new clients – something that is not always possible when caring for a family or working with a limited budget. As these huipiles are time-consuming to make, they will only be available in very small, slow made batches. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and no two are the same.

One size fits many. Given the nature of handmade, sizes, designs and hues may vary slightly from the featured product image. Prior to purchase, we are happy to send additional photos of the piece, along with close ups and detail shots.

We currently have two pieces available in the following sizes:
58cm wide x 106cm long x 22cm deep neck on both sides x 24cm arm opening x 23cm long side slit

60cm wide x 109cm long x 21cm deep neck on both sides x 21cm arm opening x 26cm x long side slit

We recommend dry cleaning this piece with a professional that specializes in natural dyes, in order to maintain the integrity of the finishes. This piece has already been carefully washed by hand by the artisan, air dried, and pressed by hand. As this piece features natural dyes, when storing the piece, we recommend that it is kept in a place out of the sunlight, in order to avoid bleaching and fading.

All listed prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Our website is not currently set up for e-commerce – please contact us directly to purchase: hello@hecho-shop.com