• Image of Quemada Handmade Snack Plate
  • Image of Quemada Handmade Snack Plate
  • Image of Quemada Handmade Snack Plate
  • Image of Quemada Handmade Snack Plate

While there are many things that we love, perhaps the dearest to our hearts is certainly a universal favourite: snacks. Made by hand with Mexican clay, these slow made pottery snack plates feature unique markings from the pit fire process, and a textured surface in the perfect neutral of peachy blush. Created from natural materials with traditional processes, these plates are both food and oven safe. As they’re unglazed, greasy items may stain the surface. These plates are also the perfect size to pair with our small lot of handmade coffee cups by these same makers.

These plates are made by an artisan couple who have been working with clay for two years. They individually create each plate by hand, and fire it for a total of six hours in a pit kiln in their home. These pottery works are a crucial element to the local culture in her community and have been made in the region for thousands of years. Every custom work is created with local clay, then slowly pit fired over the span of six hours – a process that results in durable, elegant works that are supreme examples of Mexican artistry. In addition to pottery, this community is also well known for natural dyes, embroidery work and their brass bands.

Approximately 13cm wide x 1 ½ cm tall

Hand wash, and do not place in the dish washer or microwave. These pieces are food and oven safe, however care should be taken to not place anything greasy on the surface, if stains are not desired.

The price is for a single barro snack plate. Given the nature of handmade, sizes, markings, designs and hues may vary slightly from the featured product image.
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