• Image of Naturally Dyed Indigo Pit Fired Clay Blessings Beads
  • Image of Naturally Dyed Indigo Pit Fired Clay Blessings Beads
  • Image of Naturally Dyed Indigo Pit Fired Clay Blessings Beads
  • Image of Naturally Dyed Indigo Pit Fired Clay Blessings Beads

Created by a family of master artisans in Southern Mexico exclusively for our stock, these rustic beads are a beautiful way to count the gifts of daily living. Roughly 36 beads are hand-threaded onto handmade agave string, knotted, and finished with a handmade tassel made from soft wool that is washed, carded and spun by hand on a traditional drop spindle, along with jute and indigo dyed cotton. Every bead is rolled by hand and pit fired, then soaked in a bath of locally produced indigo for the perfect blend of wabi sabi goodness. Hang them on a bedpost, from a wall or wear them around your neck if you’d like to take your blessings with you.

Created by a family of master potters in Southern Mexico exclusively for our stock, this family collaborate together as two generations in their family workshop. While they are known for their more decorative works, like our custom mermaids, this family also produces minimalist, custom works, by special order.

The wool for the tassel is made by hand by an artisan that we partner with in the highlands of Southern Mexico, and is what is used to create the textiles for our backstrap-woven cushions. This material is laborious as she washes, cards and spins the wool entirely by hand, using traditional processes that have been in place for centuries.

The agave string is hand-rolled by senior master artists in the highlands of Oaxaca, Mexico. This is very labour intensive and no longer a commonly found material in our region.

The indigo was grown, cultivated and processed using artisanal processes by the Contreras family in Oaxaca, Mexico. To our knowledge, they are one of the few, if not the only family producing indigo in this capacity in Southern Mexico.

Approximately 45cm long, including the handmade tassel

For best care results, these beads can be wiped down with a dry cloth. The wool can also be carefully washed by hand in cold water, if required. As the beads are pit fired pottery, they are fragile. Being that we use natural dyes for the beads, they will naturally lighten and fade with time and exposure to the sun. While we have tested these beads for bleeding, we would recommend that they not get wet.

The noted price is for a single set of handmade indigo clay blessings beads. As the beads are naturally dyed by hand, the incorporated blue hues vary. No two beads are exactly the same. This is not a flaw, but is something that speaks to the incredible processes that are used to create them. Given the nature of handmade, sizes, patterns, designs and hues will vary from the featured product image.

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