• Image of Handspun Organic Coyuchi Cotton Face Cloth
  • Image of Handspun Organic Coyuchi Cotton Face Cloth
  • Image of Handspun Organic Coyuchi Cotton Face Cloth
  • Image of Handspun Organic Coyuchi Cotton Face Cloth

Handspun organic coyuchi cotton serves as the base of these pretty face cloths, which feature a neutral camel hue that grows naturally in this shade. These textiles are produced by a socially-focused collective who help to provide a positive stream of income to nearly 300 families in the state of Oaxaca. This organic cotton is grown on small plots without pesticides on the coast. It’s processed by hand and spun into string on wooden Ghandi spinning wheels. After this, it’s woven on standing foot pedal looms – with the artisans sometimes having to place a bucket of hot coals under the fabric to keep it from sticking in the cold, damp weather. Our pieces are then sewn locally by our seamstress. These textured wash cloths will shrink and soften after the first wash.

Originally started in 2010 with a group of 30 women, this project maintains a focus on supporting the local economy through work opportunities that range from raising cotton crops to weaving and embroidery work. The brown and white cotton that is used to produce their textiles is native to the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Guerrero. In addition to using strictly organic cotton, they only use natural dyes that are not harmful to the environment. The group works with over 200 spinners who produce their handmade cotton, with the primary focus of their collective project being to support the economy of the local community by upholding cultural traditions and paying a living wage in the process. Further to this, the group also moves to educate the public about the toxicity of the industrial textile industry.

Approximately 21cm x 21cm

Wash by hand or in the washing machine with mild soap. No bleach. Hang to dry.

The price is for a single face cloth. Any styling props in the images are not included. Given the nature of handmade, sizes, designs and hues may vary slightly from the featured product image. These pieces come rolled and tied with a piece of agave string.

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