• Image of Handmade Wrought Iron Cruz de Hierro
  • Image of Handmade Wrought Iron Cruz de Hierro
  • Image of Handmade Wrought Iron Cruz de Hierro

In Southern Mexico, these handmade iron pieces grace the tops of the red pottery tiled roofs – an artistic blend of both indigenous and Catholic symbols. The vertical line in the piece is considered to be male and spiritual, while the horizontal line is female and earthly. Among the Maya, the form also speaks to the Quetzalcoatl, which is associated with the tree of life. A beautiful addition to a rooftop for good luck, or to simply hang on a wall or front door.

This family have been producing handmade iron works for generations. The men in this family produce these smaller pieces by heating and hammering to shape, along with incredibly detailed works of art that take months to complete. When possible, these artisans prefer to work with recycled industrial waste, both for cost and in the interest of an earth-friendly approach.

Approximately 18cm wide x 27cm tall (7“ tall x 11 “ high)

These pieces are incredibly resistant and do not require much maintenance. If they are placed outside in the elements, rust will eventually form, however we feel that this adds to the beauty of the piece.

The noted price is for a single piece. Given the nature of handmade, sizes, designs and colors may vary slightly from the featured product image.

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