• Image of Handmade Long Wooden Serving Fork
  • Image of Handmade Long Wooden Serving Fork

Whether you’re serving roasted vegetables, meat or new potatoes, these lovely forks are a pristine addition to both a kitchen and a table. Individually made by hand from griciña wood, these custom works showcase one-of-a-kind patterns, which vary from piece to piece – no two are exactly the same. Elegant, plastic-free, and fully biodegradable, our serving forks are durable and will last for years, with proper care.


A talented and creative couple in Southern Mexico produce these forks for our collection, as well as other custom-made wooden utensils and combs. In their process, they use rustic tools and a meticulous eye for detail. They collaborate together as a family in their home workshop, and have been developing an evolving range of wood pieces for over three decades.


Approximately 24cm long


In order to protect the beautiful finish of these custom pieces, they should be washed by hand in cool water – no dishwasher, microwave, bleach, harsh soaps or scrubbers. They should also be conditioned with linseed oil from time to time, in order to keep the wood from drying and cracking, and to maintain the natural sheen.


The price is for a single long wood serving fork. All noted prices are in USD and do not include shipping.

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