• Image of Hand Poured Smoked Barro Candle
  • Image of Hand Poured Smoked Barro Candle
  • Image of Hand Poured Smoked Barro Candle
  • Image of Hand Poured Smoked Barro Candle

Add some warm ambience to your space with these slow made pottery candles that feature unique markings from the pit fire process, an inner natural glaze, and a smoky hue that’s created by place the hot pieces in a bath of organic plants. Created from local clay with traditional artistry, these vessels are filled with hand-poured white beeswax, along with a cotton wick, which makes for a long-lasting, clean-burning candle that has virtually no scent.

The burn time is approximately 30 hours, and once the wax is gone, these pottery cups can be cleaned out and used for serving salsa, snacks or even for housing a little cactus. Given the making process, these pieces vary in size, hue, shape and detail – elements that are not flaws, but a testament to the wabi-sabi nature of handmade.

Created by a family of master potters in Southern Mexico exclusively for our stock, this family collaborate together as two generations in their family workshop. While they are known for their more decorative works, like our custom mermaids, this family also produces minimalist, custom pieces, by special order. They are also the makers of our blessings beads.

The master artisans that produce our candles collaborate on custom orders as three generations in their family workshop. Famed for their ornate traditional beeswax candles with natural dyes, this family also constantly strives to develop new designs that speak to a contemporary audience on a worldwide basis. They pour every candle by hand, and create decorative pieces that are made entirely by hand. In addition to their candles, they also produce handwoven wool rugs and other vibrant tapestries.
In total, these candles help to provide a positive stream of income to two indigenous Zapotec artisan families in two different communities in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Approximately 9cm wide x 6cm high

During the first burn, leave the flame going long enough that the top surface of the candle is completely covered in liquid wax from edge to edge – at least ½ cm deep. This will help to prevent tunnelling, and also set the memory of the candle to burn evenly in future. Be sure to keep the wick trimmed to just over ½ cm and trim the wick every 4 - 5 hours of burn time. This will encourage a longer burn time, and also deter black smoke and soot.

As the wax heats in the vessel, it will become quite hot. Please take care not to touch this piece when it’s burning, and when the candle is nearing the bottom of burn time, we would recommend putting a little plate or other protective piece under the candle, in order to protect surfaces from burn marks.

The noted price is for a single smoked candle. Given the nature of handmade, sizes, designs and hues may vary slightly from the featured product image. Contact us directly to see what pieces we currently have in stock, and you can hand pick your own pieces.

All noted prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Our website is not currently set up for e-commerce – please contact us directly to purchase: hello@hecho-shop.com

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