• Image of Hand Dipped Naturally Dyed Birthday Candles
  • Image of Hand Dipped Naturally Dyed Birthday Candles
  • Image of Hand Dipped Naturally Dyed Birthday Candles

The prettiest hand dipped candles are here to top your birthday cakes in two lovely neutrals – soft grey and warm camel. Las velas Istmeñas represent one of the most deeply rooted traditions in Oaxaca. Roughly 28 types of handmade candles are celebrated every May in this Mexican state, in conjunction with the patron saint of families. These particular pieces are made to grant wishes, and are comprised of a mix of beeswax, and a touch of paraffin to keep them standing tall, along with cotton string, and natural colour sourced from local organic material.

This family is focused on producing these tiny candles that are made in a variety of natural colours. Their family have been producing candles for generations, with these hand dipped lovelies being what they are most known for locally. In purchasing these candles as an alternative to the factory-made, store-bought variety, you are able to help this family continue this fading tradition that they learned from their ancestors.


Approximately 13cm long

Keep these pieces in a cool, dark area to avoid the pieces from warping or melting.

This price is for a bunch of approximately 50 hand dipped candles in either soft grey or warm camel. Given the nature of handmade, sizes, designs and colours may vary from the featured product image. These are slow made and available in limited batches, with varying colour per batch.

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