• Image of Copal and Tobacco Glazed Barro Dish
  • Image of Copal and Tobacco Glazed Barro Dish
  • Image of Copal and Tobacco Glazed Barro Dish
  • Image of Copal and Tobacco Glazed Barro Dish

Here’s to the handmade process which results in original finishes and one-of-a-kind works of art. These radiant dishes are handmade on a simple wheel with organic materials, support a lovely interior glaze, are pit fired, then introduced to a quick bath of natural copal, tobacco and rosemary for a smoky finish. Perfect as serving or baking vessels, or even as elegant wall décor. Looking for an inventive hostess gift? Bake a quiche or a crumble in this elegant piece and let the host keep it after they’re done.

This family have been producing handmade works for generations. Highly skilled in the art of pottery production, they continuously strive to develop new processes – a creative evolution that spans an enormous body of work from large-scale sculptures to stunning tableware. In addition to creating his pieces by hand, this family gathers organic plants and minerals to use in their pieces, which they pit fire in the three handmade kilns that they built on their property.

Approximately 22cm wide x 6cm tall

These pieces are safe for oven, gas range and food service. For best care results, they should be washed and dried by hand – no dishwasher.

The noted price is for a single barro dish. Given the nature of handmade, sizes, designs and colors may vary slightly from the featured product image. Given their process, no two of these pieces are the same – every one is an original work of functional art.

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