• Image of Elegancia Handwoven Cotton Rebozo
  • Image of Elegancia Handwoven Cotton Rebozo
  • Image of Elegancia Handwoven Cotton Rebozo
  • Image of Elegancia Handwoven Cotton Rebozo

An important fixture in Mexican culture, the rebozo is essentially a flat piece of fabric that occupies many uses. During the Mexican Revolution, these garments also gained a particular notoriety, as female revolutionaries used them to smuggle supplies past government checkpoints. Every one of these works is handwoven by our master artisan partner on a traditional foot pedal loom with quality cotton, and the intricate fringe is knotted by hand. The size makes for a multifunctional textile that operates as a large scarf, shawl, table runner or a foot blanket for a bed.

This master artisan family has been weaving for generations, with a special practice rooted in the creation of natural dyes, along with raising silk worms for the creation of sublime textiles pieces. The family works in silk, wool and cotton, and have exhibited their work across Mexico and Europe.

Approximately 55cm wide x 205cm long without fringe, 225cm long with fringe (21 ½” wide x 80 ½“ long without fringe, 88 ½“ with fringe)

For for best care results, this rebozo should be dry cleaned. It may also be gently washed by hand in cold water and mild detergent, then laid flat to dry, though shrinkage may occur. To avoid damaging the textile, do not wring when rinsing, and do not use a washing machine or a dryer.

Given the nature of handmade sizes and colors may vary slightly from the featured product image.

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