• Image of Chiapaneco Handmade Rustic Leather Bags
  • Image of Chiapaneco Handmade Rustic Leather Bags
  • Image of Chiapaneco Handmade Rustic Leather Bags
  • Image of Chiapaneco Handmade Rustic Leather Bags

Leatherwork abounds in Mexico, with many artisans using the same types of tools and processes that their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. These rustic bags speak to this history, as they are tanned and assembled entirely by hand. This particular design speaks to beautiful simplicity with a round leather clasp, braided side detailing, and an adjustable leather strap. It’s available in four sizes as noted below.

This family owned business consists of three brothers and a collective of artisans who produce hand-crafted leather works from both cow and goat hide. The skins are purchased as by-products of other industries in Mexico, and every element of these bags is done by hand. We have these traditional designs at present, and are currently working with this group on two custom pieces that will be made exclusively for our stock for release in April.

SOLD OUT Small bag: 17cm wide x 22cm long (6 ¾ wide x 18 ¾“ long)
Medium bag: 22cm wide x 28cm long (18 ¾“ wide x 11” long)
SOLD OUT Large bag: 23cm wide x 34cm long (19” wide x 11” long)
SOLD OUT Extra large bag: 31cm wide x 39cm long (12” wide x 15 ½“ long)

This piece should be treated with weather proofing spray if it will be exposed to rain or snow, as stains may occur otherwise. A quality leather conditioner should also be applied from time to time to keep the leather from cracking and drying, and also to maintain the beautiful sheen of the piece.

Given the nature of handmade, sizes, designs and colors may vary slightly from the featured product image. This bag will gradually darken to a lovely patina over time and with exposure to the sun. As these bags are made by artisans with traditional tools that have been used for generations – not by factory machine – each rustic work features it's own intriguing 'imperfections' which speaks to the hands-on making process.

All noted prices are in USD and do not include shipping. Our website is not currently set up for e-commerce – please contact us directly to purchase: hello@hecho-shop.com